Nursery - Kindergarten - Tom Connelly & Heather Levine (teachers)

4th-6th Grades - Georgianne Small & Susan Delgado (teachers)

7th - Confirmation (Grade 11) - Anne Krebaum & Marlena Berntson (teachers)

Immediately following 9:30 service, classes are held for 1/2 hour for younger grades and up to an hour for 7th-11th. They are held September - June and are in session while the parents attend coffee hour.

Each Sunday School year is filled with a variety of special events i.e. Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas pageant, Halloween party, etc.. The program is constantly being evaluated and updated to meet the needs of a changing world for the students, while continuing to anchor their faith in Jesus Christ.

1) Nursery-Kindergarten - Children are given a small snack while being read a Bible themed story. They form friendships with their fellow classmates while participating in an age appropriate craft or activity. Free play time with the toys in the room ends the lesson. (Note: we currently have no students in this age group.)

2) Grades 1-3 - Students in this classroom have two enthusiastic teachers who creatively bring the well known and loved Bible stories to life using imaginative activities and crafts. Also included in the class curriculum are lessons that teach the basics of the Episcopal Church like the season of the Christian year, the Lord's Prayer and more. A small snack is provided. The students are learning in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The above two classes meet in the undercroft of the church.

3) Grades 4-6 - Students in this class now take Bible stories to the next level. The stories are explored on a more mature level, allowing the students to share what they get out of the story and how it may enrich their lives. The curriculum also includes lessons a little more advanced than previous classes in the workings of the Episcopal Church. Students in this class also serve as Acolytes during the service.

4) Junior/Senior High Class (Grades 7 and up) - The teachers in this class have more than 45 years of experience. This is the class that prepares the student for Confirmation. Lessons are on a 5 year rotation, covering a vast amount of information. Everything the student needs to know in order to make a mature decision as to whether they wish to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church is covered. Lessons include discussions about current events and issues that may affect the student, such as divorce, drugs and bullying. This is also a service class, a requirement to be confirmed. A student must actively take part in as many church activities as possible, many help at our annual holiday fair or in our food pantry. Students in this class often serve on the Altar as Acolytes. 

These classes meet in the Parish House across from the church and a small snack is served.

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